Belly Dancing Develops A Positive Body Image

Belly dancing provides many benefits for mental, psychological, and physical health. Young girls and women are always concerned about their image and will copy or imitate the latest fashion wardrobe or behaviors, exhaust themselves with physical exercises to create the perfect body, and pursue many false avenues until they discover that their positive image is within self. That acknowledgement encourages confidence and self-assurance with our being.

Belly Dancing Benefits:

Women are torturing themselves trying to get a slender waistline, flat abdomen, slender and shapely legs, curvy hips, and ample breasts. Women will attempt many different types of exercises looking for a magical solution and if not satisfied will seek the services of a plastic surgeon.

Belly dancing is an artistic adventure which can be taken to discover, develop, and maintain a positive body image. Every female is a unique being and should not be trying to mold her body into a beauty standard established by others by their definition of the perfect body.
This form of dance and its exercises will help a woman to gain her confidence, self-worth, and self-esteem. The exercises and dance movements will help to rearrange her body to her liking and the costume will help to camouflage or enhance certain body parts.

Dancers focus on their dance and discipline their bodies for physical interpretation and communication initiated by the music. The change of mental focus from external to internal is the magic which creates a positive attitude, respect, and appreciation for her body as it is.

The performing belly dancer illustrates on stage:

A woman’s beauty and femininity
Emotional changes of smiling, happiness, and fun
The athletic abilities of muscle control of difficult and intricate movements
Interprets and communicates the lyrics or the rhythm of the music with her acting skills
The audience admires the dancer’s physical and personality beauty and appreciates her choreographed dance which may represent a particular culture or style.
The performance is sensual for both the performer and the audience to experience their senses of pleasure.

Belly dancers are available in all body types; slim, medium, and heavy. This dance offers a variety of styles which will allow a woman to enjoy her body’s contribution. Each woman delights in her belly dance accomplishments.


Costumes differ depending on the style of dance. The costume will reinforce and enhance the performer’s body image as well as represent the culture of origin. A dancer is concerned with her dance abilities as it must reflect the chosen style. She is extremely pleased with a successful performance.

If her dancing efforts are correct and her body produces the necessary movements then the experience is beautiful, fulfilling, and spiritual. This combination of beauty, body abilities, and self-awareness makes a woman feel confident and comfortable with her being and sensuality.